Quotation Questionnaire

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This information will allow for an accurate quotation and preclude any complications during installation and operation. WeirWasher, ACS is normally set to operate during Off Peak Flow times during the night. If there are any questions please feel free to contact us as listed below. Thank you again for your interest.







1. Tank usage, product interest:

2. Tank diameter, equipment type:

3. Center column diameter area to suppressed:

4. Weir configuration, width and depth (internal, external, #of troughs, round, multigon, etc...):

5. Obstructions on Weirs, in trough, etc... that would prevent 360 deg. unobstructed rotation (ie. Weir mounted bridge support, submerged piping, rotating scum trough, etc...):

6. Quantity of tanks to be quoted:

7. Non-potable water supply pressure and measured flow at tank location: